Full Travel Management

Year-Round Marketing & Promotion


SET will collaborate with you to implement a year-round marketing and promotion campaign:

  • Develop high quality, custom-branded marketing and promotional materials that properly reflect your brand, image and service mission.
  • Further develop the organization’s travel database through capture of on-going traveler history in the Groupminder system.
  • Focus on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube).
  • In-game public address announcements.
  • Radio/TV spots and sponsorships.
  • Barter/Trade agreements with broadcast outlets.
  • Press releases, newspaper ads, travel booths and more.
  • Dedicated toll-free number for all clients.

Reliable Access to Secondary Market Game Tickets

SET has access to some of the largest ticket networks in the country and has established relationships to provide access to premium secondary market tickets, using only the most reliable providers.

Dedicated Custom Travel Website

As your preferred fan travel vendor, SET would develop a fully interactive fan travel website designed to remain in place year-round. In addition to providing details about current and upcoming athletic-related travel programs, the fully dynamic site would promote high-profile, premium sporting events that might be interested in attending, including the Masters, Kentucky Derby, Indianapolis 500 and U.S. Tennis Open.

Program Specific

SET will create customized, event specific, websites that can be linked to your organization’s site.

SET will create customized banners (with advertorials) for your website that will be linked to the event-specific sites.

To gauge and inspire fans’ interest for popular events, SET will work with you hand in hand to create early interest promotions through email, direct mail, postcards, or other web pages.

Strong Vendor Relationships

SET’s proven record of bringing reliable business to its vendors year after year has elevated it to enviable “preferred client” status with many key airlines, hotels, ground transportation companies, and other travel-related suppliers.

Check out our list of Vendors.

SET is the leading provider of charter air services for athletic fan travel. As such, SET receives priority access, preferred client status, and favorable pricing at high demand times.

SET has maintained strong business relationships with the major hotel chains at the national level but also at the local level.

SET’s reputation serves to enhance these relationships at the corporate level, thereby, assuring favorable pricing and concessions that directly result in cost savings and amenity benefits for program participants.

The SET partners have established strong working relationships with the best motor coach and destination management companies in the business.

Program Design and Pricing Strategies

The SET group contours its package offerings to provide a range of product and pricing strategies for its clients. The ultimate result of which is increased revenue for your organization.


The Functional Engine Behind All the Action.

SET uses GroupMinder as its proprietary group travel management application. This system’s web-based, real-time access offers you:

  • Detailed Customer Relationship Management and Marketing Functionality.
  • Easy and User-Friendly On-line Customer Reservation Process.
  • Centralized Inventory with Real-time Component Availability.
  • Integrated Secure Credit Card Processing & PCI Compliance.
  • Extensive Report Selection.
  • Simple Third-party System Access for Clients.


In addition to accommodating complex, multi-night and multi-feature programs, GroupMinder® can also handle a la carte offerings such as air-only, hotel-only, and pregame events.