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Summer Olympics

2020 Summer Olympics Packages

2020 Summer Olympics

July 24 - August 9, 2020

2020 Summer Olympics Travel Packages will be available soon!

The 2020 Summer Olympics will take place in and around Tokyo, Japan in July and August 2020. The Summer Olympics second trip to Tokyo, the 2020 Summer Olympics are sure to bring the world’s best warm weather athletes to Japan. Available soon SET will have a 2020 Summer Olympics Travel Package that will include Summer Olympics event access, Summer Olympics hotel accommodations in the heart of Tokyo, Summer Olympics travel transportation, and more!  See below for more details of our 2020 Summer Olympics Travel Package.


Available Soon! – 2020 Summer Olympics Travel Package!


2020 Summer Olympics Package could include:

  • Accommodations in Tokyo, Japan
  • Premium event access to Summer Olympics events of your choice
  • Roundtrip transportation to Summer Olympics venues
  • Exclusive 2020 Summer Olympics souvenirs, and more!


An unforgettable 2020 Summer Olympics Travel Package experience will be available soon!


The Summer Olympics, staged every four years, is the world’s biggest and best celebration of all things warm-weather sports. Featuring some of the world’s most popular sports, such as basketball, soccer, gymnastics, and swimming and diving, the Summer Olympics are one of the most watched sporting events around the world every four years. The 2020 Summer Olympics take place in Tokyo, Japan for the second time. Join us across the Pacific for unforgettable memories, both on and off the competition venues at the 2020 Summer Olympics. SET‘s 2020 Summer Olympics Travel Package is something you just won’t find anywhere else!


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